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Do you want to work with us? Our focus is the startup ecosystem & venture capital in the Bay area. We love to work as a team & to stretch ourselves by learning more about this industry that we work in & provide services for.

Info below for freelance videographers:

Basic Equipment: You need to own at the very least a DLSR camera & tripod & a laptop.  We have equipment that we loan out so that you have everything you need to cover our gigs. We do a lot of livestreaming & broadcasting but its ok if you dont have that experience as we train on the job with our equipment. However livestreaming by the very nature of the beast has more risk & if you dont handle stress well then this is not for you.  We like to partner with individual solo videographers & give them work, not already formed companies or groups. Thanks

NOTE: Before you go to the trouble of completing this application, if you do not have a laptop & DLSR camera please do not proceed. If you are risk averse & can’t tolerate any stress apart from normal videography then do not proceed.  Also if you are not going to follow through & are just completing this because this is what you do, please do not proceed. If these points do not apply to you then we look forward to receiving your application.

We use Adobe AfterEffects for editing so you must have access to latest version for our post production work.

Fill in this Application & we will set up a time to talk further if you are a good fit.


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